Perfect for Storage and Seating Leather Storage Ottoman

A perfect bench for additional storage and seating, Leather Storage Ottoman is modern style footstool that can add an extra seat to a fire place. The term ‘Ottoman’ has been since around 13th century, it is recently that today we use it to describe the footstool and it is partly thought to be from the material used in French ‘Ottoman’. Favored by the Ottoman government these tools are designed and stylized as the hats that is tall and cylindrical.

Types of Leather Storage Ottoman:

Leather Storage Ottoman is increasing in demands today. Keeping in mind the quality and cost effectiveness of the product one can opt to buy the product, because it comes in many shapes and sizes. It also has a great range to choose from smaller square storage to the large rectangular models. Storage ottoman is an excellent decision if one is looking for a stool at fire place or for a living area. Creative, inspirational and a classy looks of storage ottoman can give an eye catching view to the guests at one’s home. From aubergine chenille to mustang leather and much more, these footstools starts from 18×18 to 47×22.

Leather Storage Ottoman


a)    Featuring a hidden storage space this comfy leather ottoman can also store other essential things. It has also sturdy hinges that are strong enough to keep the lids stay open. With its durability and a classic look and with solid wood frame and upholstery of bi-cast leather, foam insert will enhance the décor of one’s room. One can paired it with matching bonded leather which will give an accent to the room. A semi gloss, floral or a matt finish ottoman will give an ensemble to the piece of any room.

b)    It is quite simple and has room to place items inside it is close in heights to sofa. Use mainly in living room it also suits the style of that area. Casual and formal Style of Ottoman may vary. Also in shapes it is oval, cube-shaped, round or free-form irregular shape. Storage Ottoman may be made up of wicker or rattan or wood based covered with fabric or leather. Any color of leather can be used and it is quite formal in design or may be extremely casual.

c)    Mostly leather covered Ottomans are elegant in looks that suits the most formal living area. From light versions to dark neutrals, a leather covered ottoman is button-tufted at the top section similar to sofas. A lift-off design with one or two hinges used for creating a lid removal aspect. A single compartment or a divided one from inside. Mostly small to medium sized placed in front of a sofa or an easy chair. Many people also store children’s toys and DVDs. There are also oversized ottomans that can be used as a coffee table at the larger living room.

A great idea for the living room, bedroom or office each leather storage ottoman creates its own luxury style, comfort and elegancy. Strong stitched panel design decorative and at the same time functional, this elegant storage ottoman is an extra seating that provides a valuable storage space.